Shared Vision

Solving complex issues requires the right combination of
experience, creativity and innovation. We are ready
to build intelligent value in conjunction with your organization.


Stratecnia in words

We are experts in Management Consulting Services
and Business Analytics.
We develop consulting and analytic solutions to support companies and organizations on their strategic decision processes.

Our vision is shared with our clients: business sense,
understanding and mutual trust.

Executive Team

MBA, Industrial Engineer/ Managing Director


I have always been very curious and passionate about how things work, and a have similar passion for maths, culture and technology. I was therefore very convinced , when I entered the Faculty of Engineering of all the possibilities that lay open to me. My convictions proved right, and after 17 years of experience within a wide spectrum of business and industry in which I have been deeply involved in providing business and technical solutions and implementing innovative strategies I decided to fulfill my original vision by forming, with my business partner, our own consulting practice. Our business was created with a view to clarifying for clients the hidden and under used information contained within their corporate data. By a graphic and intelligent display of this data it becomes significantly more meaningful to them and brings to the decision making process far more business and market intelligence which can have a beneficial impact to their bottom line.

Industrial Engineer / Business Analytics Director


Exploring new things and a desire to learn constantly, are characteristics that personally complement a high analytic capacity. My education in Engineering and experience in consulting have taught me to apply different approaches and non-conventional perspectives to problem solving. By being a big sports practitioner and fan, I have developed a clear understanding about how teamwork, leadership and discipline are translated into success.